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The courses are divided into several modules

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[tab title=“Module I“ id=“tab-1″]

  • Laser physics and laser safety (Laser Safety Officer certification)
  • Laser structure, function and handling – handson laser tissue interaction


[tab title=“Module II“ id=“tab-2″]

  • Diode Lasers, Photo-Dynamic Therapy, lasersupported Periodontology
  • Theoretical background, clinical indications, skill training and demo treatments
  • Responsable usage of Diode-Lasers and understanding of biophysical backgrounds (absorption and transmission in special tissue)
  • Accurate application of all relevant clinical indications of Diode-Lasers
  • Photo-Dynamic Therapy


[tab title=“Module III“ id=“tab-3″]

  • Laser-supported Endodontology


[tab title=“Module IV“ id=“tab-4″]

  • Hard tissue preparation in teeth and bone with Er:YAG-Lasers


[tab title=“Module V“ id=“tab-5″]

  • Laser and peri-implant infection treatment


[tab title=“Module VI“ id=“tab-6″]

  • Implants and bone augmentation techniques in difficult conditions


[tab title=“Module VII“ id=“tab-7″]

  • Laser and digital workflow in modern dentistry


[tab title=“Module VIII“ id=“tab-8″]

  • Sinus floor elevation with piezosurgery and several augmentation materials



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The official language is English with simultaneous translation into Chinese.

Confirmation of Registration

Registration will be confirmed by e-mail or letter once payment has been received. Should you need an invoice in order to effect payment, please contact us.


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[toggle title=“1 week 2 persons“ id=“tgl-2″]7.500 Euro[/toggle]
[toggle title=“2 weeks 1 person“ id=“tgl-3″]8.500 Euro[/toggle]
[toggle title=“2 weeks 2 persons“ id=“tgl-4″]13.000 Euro[/toggle]
[toggle title=“4 weeks 1 person“ id=“tgl-5″]15.000 Euro[/toggle]
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Registration for our courses

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